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Boiler Services

A boiler that is running efficiently helps you cut down on your monthly heating budget. This is because a properly functioning boiler requires less energy to run. Considering that your boiler is responsible for about 50% of your energy bills, servicing your boiler becomes more of an investment than a cost. Our engineers have wide knowledge on the all types of boilers. Their aim is to keep your boiler at peak condition through the year.

Regular boiler inspection help increase the life span of your boiler. Considering how expensive a boiler is. servicing it then becomes an investment and not a cost.  Servicing helps in dealing with minor issues early before they cause you extreme repair costs. Our engineers are trained and experienced in catching any faults our boiler. They also know exactly how to resolve these problems.

Eco Efficient can help you set up a schedule of your boiler servicing. The best time to do this is in spring or summer to avoid last minute rush. Our reliable support system will help you book an appointment that is most convenient for you. They will also set up a reminder to make sure that you don’t get too busy and forget to service your boiler.

Eco Efficient offers many services concerning your boiler and central heating system. These services include:

Boiler installation

If you are moving to a new home or you simply want to replace your old boiler, you will need an expert. Eco Efficient has put together a team of qualified engineer to assist you with this process. They understand all the function and components of a boiler. They will work fast and efficiently to ensure that your boiler is running properly.

Boiler repair

For the best boiler repair services, contact Eco Efficient. We are a leading company in Stockport and the whole of United Kingdom that has gained a top spot as boiler repair service provider. We have managed to keep customers over the years due to the quality of our services.

Central heating installation

A central heater is an essential part of your home that you should never try to install on your own. This is because it has complex components that require a lot of knowledge and qualification to handle. This is where Eco Efficient comes in. We are a reliable and registered company with engineers that specialise in central heating installation.

Central heating repair

A faulty central heating is an expensive inconvenience. On top of disrupting your household it also increases your monthly budget by consuming more energy in order to run. Our engineers will make sure your central heater is operating at the optimum condition.
Gas and boiler leak

Gas and boiler leaks should only be handled by qualified and gas safe engineers. With so many amateur out there claiming to be engineers you need a trustworthy and reliable option. Eco Efficient offers you this at a reasonable fee. Our engineers are experienced and gas safe registered.

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