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Boiler Repair Wilmslow

For many years, Eco Efficient offers boiler installation, servicing, and repairs in Wilmslow and the larger UK. Boilers and central heating system should undergo annual service as. Apart from improving efficiency, servicing will reduce the risk of possible carbon monoxide poisoning. A flue combustion tests inspect any emissions. Only certified Gas Safe Registered Engineers have the permit to carry out such tasks.

Eco Efficient engineers are trained, certified, experienced and qualified personnel that can handle all types of boilers. During service, the engineers ensure that your boiler is safe to use and operates well by checking on various controls. 

The experts visually inspect the boilers for possible gas and boiler leaks. This may be as a result of corrosion or the normal wear and tear. Another thing to check is the energy consumption/gas pressure of the central heating system and boiler. If the consumption is abnormally high, it is a pointer of a fault in the boiler that the engineer will need to check.

After use for a period, the burner needs cleaning. It is illegal for anyone who is not certified to carry out such tasks. Eco Efficient engineers check for any obstruction and inspect all electrical connections to curb possible explosions. If there is any fault, the technician will carry out central heating repairs or advise on the way forward.

We carry out an extensive recruitment process to ensure we only have staff that is conscious of the client needs. Exemplary customer experience is one of our core values. At Eco Efficient, be sure of warm and precise service. Apart from merit and experience, we check staff background to ensure that all the technicians that attend to you are individuals with integrity. Rest assured that you are safe whenever we visit you to check on your boiler and central heating system.

Central heating installation and maintenance do not have to cost you all your life saving when you engage the right company. We use state of the art machinery, and that saves time, money and energy. Any problem is detected way before it escalates to a more significant issue. When your boiler is in a perfect working state, it consumes less power. Today, modern boilers are energy efficient. Our company ensures that you get the best deal with minimal maintenance costs. You will also get further discounts if you sign up a contract and make Eco Efficient your first boiler repairs and service company.

In cases of emergency central heating repairs, we have an emergency response team that is ever alert and ready. Since boilers, like any other equipment, may malfunction when you least expect, we have provisions for emergencies all through the day and night.

All companies need gas safety inspection certificate. We also facilitate this and ensure that you not only get your certificate, but that renewal is prompt. With the fast-paced life, it is easy to forget when service for your boiler and central heating system is due. At Eco Efficient, we make it our business to ensure that you are safe from all dangers that boilers and central heating systems may pose. We will remind you anytime service is due.

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