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Boiler manufacturing companies recommend annual boiler servicing for efficient services. Service will make boilers last long, function efficiently and with minimal repairs in the future. Eco Efficient technicians are all qualified and gas safe registered. Therefore you are sure of exemplary service.

It is crucial that qualified personnel handles the central heating installation and any recommended repair work. Eco Efficient goes an extra mile to get the right staff on board. Apart from the expertise and experience our staff display, they have outstanding soft skills. You will enjoy their friendly and warm personalities as well as appreciate their know-how whenever you interact with them.

Boiler servicing is a very critical part of central heating maintenance. This annual routine involves thorough cleaning of the boilers to rid any debris. A safety inspection of the appliance is part of the yearly drills of the central heating service.

With the recommended annual service, it is easy to capture dangerous occurrences like carbon monoxide leaks. A flue and emission leaks test will suffice. We will carry out an extensive check and take it upon ourselves to remind you of the next service.

When a boiler has a kettle like sound or is not functioning well, it is time to have your equipment inspected. Get in touch with Eco Efficient. A faulty central heating system may make your house extremely cold, emit dangerous gases, or in extreme cases explode. In some cases, a foul smell indicates a problem. In the absence of the odor, qualified gas safe handlers can physically inspect or use tools to check. Some boilers pilot light keeps extinguishing which should be an alarm.

We are specially trained and equipped to handle distress calls like gas and boiler leaks. Eco Efficient has an emergency unit that will get to your residence in the shortest time possible. Our services are available all through the 24 hours.

Eco Efficient seeks to ensure that all central heating systems undergo service on time which comes with many benefits like safety operation of the boiler. Faulty boilers tend to be high energy consumers which in turn translates to substantial energy bills. If you suspect a surge in energy consumption, let a qualified engineer check your boiler for any anomalies. Eco Efficient will recommend the best boiler repairs approach suited for the particular situation. This will not only save you money and gas usage.

The reviews that our clients leave show that we are on the right track. At Eco Efficient the customer comes first. Our prices are tailored to accommodate all, and we have a special discount for all consumers that engage our services on a regular basis. We also have sophisticated equipment that enables us to pick any anomaly at the right time. Eco efficient pride in many years of experience of central heating installation and impeccable customer service. No job overwhelms us as we have desirable experience dealing with all kind of boilers. However, for new facilities, we recommend the compressed boilers as they are modern and energy efficient. 

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