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Boilers and central heating installation are fashioned to make day to day life easier and safer. However, you need a well trained and gas safe certified engineer to attend to any of your boiler related concerns. Eco Efficient invests in qualified, experienced, and certified staff to ensure you get the best service. Whether you call in for inquiries or need a technician on site, our team is extremely professional, patient and knowledgeable in the trade.

Once on board, all our personnel goes through extra training to sharpen their client relation skills. We understand the distress of having to deal with gas and boiler leaks among other life issues. At this time the last thing you need is unkind technicians. At Eco Efficient,  our staff on site have excellent people relations skills. As a company, we take care of our team members by ensuring that everyone rests well and is compensated well.

Boiler installation and maintenance need the right tools. Carbon monoxide, flue, and emissions checks are essential services that Eco Efficient offers. Such leaks are life-threatening, and early detection can save lives. Proper machinery is crucial in servicing as accurate diagnosis of any concern leads to correct action translating to quality output. We have heavily invested in the most sophisticated equipment making our technical team’s work easy.

A clean, central heating filter enhances the boilers functionality. Eco Efficient ensures that your filters are clean and any boiler debris removed to provide efficient functional central heating systems. You do not have to wonder when the next service is due as we take it upon ourselves to remind you.

Apart from low energy consumption that translates to saving on energy costs, timely service of the central heating system ensures that you are safe. Unchecked boilers may explode when the pressure intensifies. Early detection of defects saves a lot of money. It also saves the user from incurring costly boiler repairs when the damage is severe, or complete replacement of the equipment.

We have many years experience in the industry and have maintained low operation cost. Our clients, therefore, enjoy exemplary services at the lowest price possible. Due to constant innovation and invention of better products in the market, we recommend the latest condensing boilers. They are energy efficient hence economical to maintain. In case you have had yours for a while and did not want to change, do not worry. Eco Efficient has a broad experience in handling different types of boilers like non-condensing, open vent, and combination boilers also known as ‘combi.'

Since it is hard to tell when you will need boiler and central heating repairs, it is crucial to keep contacts of a reliable company. In case of an emergency, we have an emergency response unit at Eco Efficient. We will not only get on site at the shortest time possible but well equipped and skilled to deal with any eventualities.

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